Supporting by Shopping is the easiest thing in the world, and it doesn’t cost you a cent! Both King Soopers and Amazon will donate a percentage of all your purchases to go to the Horse Protection League.

King Soopers

Start by buying a $5 gift card here at the Horse Protection League. The card is good for $5 worth of merchandise at King Soopers, so it’s effectively free to you, and a portion of that $5 will come to us.

After that, just stop at the customer service counter at King Soopers and give them money or a credit card to “recharge” the card. As long as you keep using the card that you purchase through HPL, a portion of what you spend will come to us. “SMILE”

Do you shop on Register with their smile program, and 0.5% off all eligible purchases will be donated to the Horse Protection League! Just visit and select the Horse Protection League as your charity of choice.