The Horse Protection League would not exist without its generous donors, so we extend our deepest thanks to the following financial supporters:

…and past supporters!

  • Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust, Arvada, Colorado for hay and training.
  • Freda Hambrick Fund of El Pomar Foundation, Colorado Springs for general operating expenses.
  • Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA) for providing multiple grants to support veterinary care at the Horse Protection League.

Private Donors in 2017

In Memorium

  • Joyce Bagwell made a donation in honor of her late husband, James Bagwell.
  • Annie Oden made a donation in memory of two much loved horses, Gator and Miss Lucille (Lucy).
  • Trudy Younger and Jill Whidden made donations in memory of Lucy, a former HPL rescue, owned and loved by Annie Oden; and a beloved dog named Pie, faithful companion to Kim Gilbert.
  • Carol Molnia made a memorial donation in honor of Annie Oden’s HPL rescue mare, Spirit.
  • Richard Rudy and Annie Oden made a donation in loving memory of Spirit, Josh, and a dog named Scratch.
  • A donation was received from John and Bev Rives in memory of a horse named Scholar.
  • Spirit’s memory was honored with a donation from Trudy Younger and Doug and Jory Weber.
  • Richard Rudy and Annie Oden made a donation in loving memory of Chance (an HPL rescue) and Serena.
  • A horse at A Rising Star from John, Bev and Ginger (former HPL mare) Rives
  • Lucy (HPL mare adopted by Annie Oden) and Josh (draft horse owned by Mattie Vadas) from Carol Molnia
  • Colorado (a mare owned by Marcia Imse) from Nancy Taylor Mason
  • Gator and Lucy from Linda Pierrel
  • Nancy McCarthy from Esther Lidstrom
  • Flicka from Kimberley Collins
  • Jonathon Stride from Julie Marble-White
  • Esther Emerson from her daughters Star, Mary and Millie
  • His departed horses from Robert Kinne

In Honor Of…

  • Diane Holschbach made a donation in honor of her sisters, Barb and Linda Sullivan.
  • Dan & Robin Younger and Ted Younger, Jr. from Ted and Jan Younger
  • William and Jackie Sullivan from Cleo Sullivan
  • The Sullivan family from Barbara Sullivan
  • Megan Benjamin from the Benjamin family
  • Emie O’Neill from Jill and Charles Richardson
  • Kris Pratt from the Schiffbauer family
  • Lark Birdsong from the Ramroop Family
  • Lark Birdsong and Julie Brisson from Sarah, Reese and Skylar White

Past Donations

We don’t forget a generous gesture! Our continuing thanks go to past donors.