You can see why Blaze needs sponsorship. One the verge of starvation, Blaze arrived at HPL on Thursday May 1. Dr. Long (HPL veterinarian) examined him right away. At this point, what he needs most is simply food and water. We have to proceed carefully to make sure his body can begin to function normally again and once he starts to gain some weight and muscle back other medical care will start. Blaze has already stolen the hearts of many HPL volunteers. He’s very sweet, loveable and friendly. He is cooperative and seems grateful for all the care and love he’s receiving at HPL.

The horses that come to HPL need a lot of help. Each of our horses get nutritious food, farrier work, dental work and medications. And they get plenty of TLC from our volunteers. But HPL needs money to make this happen. Please consider sponsoring a horse. 


Sponsor a Horse!

Horse sponsorship is an important source of funding for HPL
Sponsorships help us:

  • provide routine care and nutrition
  • provide specific care for the individual needs of each horse, such as medications, dental work, farrier work, etc.

When you sponsor you receive:

  • Personalized letter from your sponsored horse
  • Picture of your sponsored horse
  • Personalized certificate signifying your sponsorship
  • Recognition in the HPL newsletter

Horse sponsorships are perfect gifts for your equine loving family and friends.

How Do I Sponsor?

Choose the horse you’d like to sponsor and what care you’d like to provide. Our companion animals are least likely to be adopted and, therefore, need your help the most.

Choose how you would like to sponsor:

Monthly Sponsorship – $20/month ongoing (3-month minimum)
Yearly Sponsorship – $500. This will cover all of the needs of your horse for one year.

Routine Medical Needs for Your Horse

  • Vaccinations – $20/quarter or $80/year
  • De-worming – $20/year
  • Hoof Trimming – $35/quarter or $140/year
  • Dental Work – $160/year
Send your check payable to HPL to:

The Horse Protection League
P.O. Box 741089
Arvada, CO 80006


Pay now with PayPal

Choose an Option

Include the sponsor’s name and address so we can send the sponsor packet.
Please include the name of the horse you are sponsoring or let us choose one for you.
For questions, email info@thehorseprotectionleague.org or call 303-216-0141.